High School Students Win Big at All State Art Competition!

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as one of the 50 district-level winners in the All State Art Symposium Competition adjudication for all of Fulton County, both public and private schools (Every art teacher could enter up to twenty artworks in this initial competition – there could have been over 1,000 entries at this level):

  • Sophomore, Katherine Coyne for her painting “Crucifix”AHSAE (2)
  • Juniors, Ryan Reeves for his photographs “Coke” and “Fountain”
  • Will Ziegler for his sculpture “After Hepworth”
  • Claire Holley, or her photograph ” Sweet You Rock, Sweet You Roll”
  • Amanda Tramble, for her photograph “Girl in the Window” a self-portrait Seniors
  • Justin Hale for his paintings “Strange” and “Self-Portrait”
  • Patrick Nix for his sculptures “Freedom” and “Utilitarian”
  • Katelyn Oliver for her sculpture “Evermore”
  • Katherine Durham for her photograph “Walking Shadows”
  • Myranda Johnson for her photographs ” West End Wallpaper” and “Snail”
  • Taylor Worley for her photograph “Cakepops”These winning pieces then competed in a State-Level Adjudication for all district winners from throughout the state. The following artwork has been selected to be included in the 121 piece All State Art Show at Mason Mauer Gallery in Atlanta from April 5th – May 10th.Scholastic Winners 2013 (2)
  • Katherine Coyne’s “Crucifix”
  • Justin Hale’s “Strange” and “Self-Portrait”
  • Patrick Nix’s Utilitarian
  • Myranda Johnson’s “West End Wall Paper” and “Snail”
  • WIll Ziegler’s “After Hepworth “
  • Amanda Tramble’s “Girl in the Window”
  • Ryan Reeves “Coke” and “Fountain”This show has been juried from 600 District Level winners. Final awards will be announced on April 3rd.