St. Francis Foreign Language Trip to Spain

Foreign Language Trip 2013The St. Francis Foreign Language group departed Atlanta heading for Spain during the March winter break providing an incredible opportunity to visit Segovia, Toledo, Granada, Seville, Córdoba, and Madrid.  Each day was filled with fabulous visits to magnificent sites such as; El Escorial, a Roman Aqueduct, La Alhambra, La Mezquita, Cathedral in Seville, Soccer Stadium in Madrid, Presidential Palace, and the Prado Museum.

Enjoying this amazing trip was Mrs. Stacy Gole, Mr. Chuck Bailey, and Mrs. Laura Cuesta along with students Emil Aceto, Connor Anderton, Ross Armstrong, Trent Cassidy, Kyle Cowden, Eden Daney, Hali Eckard, Dylan Fish, Jamie Fredlund, David Holt, Roderick Liptrot, Kylie McGrady, Angus MacGregor, Tara Martin, Michael Mitropoulos, Daniel Patterson, Paige Sovitch, Taylor Talesnick, Emma Voss, and Joe Waller.  This group of weary travelers returned from their trip with suitcases bulging with souvenirs, knowing the greatest treasures were the memories and friendships created during this unforgettable journey through Spain.  Spring 2014 will find our current sophomores and juniors looking forward to traveling abroad to Italy.






Stacy Gole-Trip Coordinator