Class of 2015 Senior Award Recipients

Congratulations to Saint Francis High School 2015 Senior Award Recipients
(from the Senior Awards Ceremony on May 14 and Graduation Ceremony on May 16)

2015 Valedictorian – Eve Reiter
2015 Salutatorian – Mary Covert
Atlanta Journal Constitution Cup – Eve Reiter
Star Student / Star Teacher – Taylor Weaver / Mr. Doug Walker

Subject Awards (Highest Average in the Subject)

AP Literature (Tie) – Elaine Spiegel & Nathan Waller
Physics – Eve Reiter
AP Government – Benjamin Immerman
Economics – Alexander Boyette
Algebra III – Madison Godwin
Calculus – Mary Covert
Spanish III – Elana Spiegel
Spanish IV (Tie) – Daniel Lopez & Eve Reiter
Theater Arts / Drama – Lindsey Campbell
Theater Arts / Improv – Daniel Lopez
Photography – Lindsey Campbell
3D Studio Art – Alexander Boyette
AP Studio Art – PJ Coyne

Graduates With Distinction
Mary Covert // Michelle Dickson // Benjamin Immerman // Daniel Lopez //Eve Reiter //
Elyse Sheldon // James Sundy // Brent Turry // Nathan Waller // Taylor Weaver

Honor Graduates
Hayley Barden // Alexander Boyette // Joshua Coleman // Mary Covert //
Catherine Coyne // Evan Fields // Benjamin Immerman // Daniel Lopez //
Allie Parvin // Eve Reiter // Elyse Sheldon // Elana Spiegel // James Sundy //
Nathan Waller // Taylor Weaver

2015 Honor Roll
Joshua Coleman // Mary Covert // Evan Fields // Abigail Grant // Benjamin Immerman //
Ansley Law // Daniel Lopez // Eve Reiter // Elyse Sheldon // Elana Spiegel // James  Sundy //
Nathan Waller // Taylor Weaver

Andy Tregre Memorial Scholarships
Kaitlyn Mathis
Christopher Steele

Andrew & Milline Buccellato Perseverance Award
Malik Beasley

Army Reserve Scholar Athletes
Kate Bielan
Benjamin Immerman

Beta Club Service Award
Allie Parvin

Beta Club Honor Cords
Hayley Barden // Alex Boyette // Michelle Cohen  // Sarah Cottone // Mary Covert //
Catherine Coyne  // Michelle Dickson // Evan Fields // Benjamin Immerman //
Daniel Lopez // Allie Parvin // Eve Reiter // Elyse Sheldon // Elana Spiegel //
James Sundy // Brent Turry // Taylor Weaver

Booster Club Scholar Athletic Awards
Eve Reiter
Taylor Weaver

James Starr Moore Memorial Award
Daniel Lopez

Leila Buccellato Memorial Scholarship Award
Allie Parvin

National Honor Society Graduates
Alexander Boyette // Mary Covert // Evan Fields // Eve Reiter //
Elyse Sheldon // Elana Spiegel // James  Sundy // Nathan Waller //Taylor Weaver

National Art Honor Society Graduates
Hayley Barden // Alexander Boyette // Catherine Coyne // Emily Corcoran //
Sarah Cottone // Benjamin Immerman // Simone Morgan // Evan Robinson //
Elyse Sheldon // Emily Sokol // Guy van Heeseqijk //Catherine Wynns

Parent Association Awards
Hayley Barden
Knox Edenfield

Peer Leader Award
Colton  McClure

Peter Carriuolo Memorial Scholarship Awards
Catherine Coyne
Joshua Coleman
Kaleigh Hall
Colton “Lake” McClure

Robert Mulholland Memorial Honor Award
Taylor Weaver

Senior Service Award
Alexander Boyette

Student Government Association Award
Eve Reiter

Taranto Family Aspiration Award
Nathan Waller

Scouting Recognitions
Hayley Barden – GS Gold Award
Anthony Riggio – Eagle Scout
Catherine Wynns – GS Gold Award

Knights of the Round Table Recognitions
Baseball – Colton McClure
Boys’ Basketball – Malik Beasley
Boys’ Soccer – Benjamin Immerman
Equestrian – Allie Parvin
Football – AJ Cummings
Football Cheerleading – Kaleigh Hall
Girls’ Basketball – Abigail Grant
Girls’ Soccer – Kate Bielan
Girls’ Tennis – Emily Corcoran
Softball – Hayley Barden
Swimming – Lauren Meredith
Track – AJ Cummings
Volleyball – Sarah Cottone
Wrestling – Evan Robinson

Knights of All Seasons Recognitions

Seth Cecil – Football, Wrestling & Baseball
Colton  McClure – Football, Wrestling & Baseball

Community Service Acknowledgement

We would like to recognize the following students for going above and beyond school requirements in regards to community service hours.  Numerous non-profit organizations throughout the metro area benefitted from these students’ countless hours of selfless dedication:

Alexander Boyette // Lindsey Campbell // Jennifer Glass // Nicole Lawrence // Daniel Lopez // Allie Parvin // Mollie Sullivan //