2016 Service Award Recipient – Jr., Abby Carbonara


Pictured are Abby Carbonara, Chip Madren and his service dog, Vera. Back row is Principal Colette Staak, Chip’s brothers Jack and Bret, mother Lea Madren and Community Service Sponsor, James Boyd.

2016 Service Award recipient,  Abby Carbonara, selects Chip’s Nation Foundation as the recipient of her 2016 Service Award donation.

The criteria for this award is the one senior who has been particularly active in the community throughout the course of the year, as well as in years past, that goes well beyond the required minimum service hours.  Recipient displays enthusiasm and unlimited dedication in their efforts in serving the community.  Each year the school makes a donation in their name to the chosen recipient’s favorite charity.

Congratulations to Abby and to Chip’s Nation Foundation!