Middle School 2nd Quarter Honor Roll Students Celebrated

On Thursday, January 12th, our Middle School held their Honor Roll Breakfast to celebrate the success of the 160 students who earned either Honor Roll or Headmaster’s Honor Roll during the 2nd Quarter. The students enjoyed Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwiches, donuts, and other assorted treats.

To earn Honor Roll, a student must maintain grades of 85 or above, with all E’s or VG’s in Effort and Cooperation, in all classes. Twenty-three (23) of these students were named to the Headmaster’s Honor Roll by earning grades of 93 or above and all E’s in Effort and Cooperation.








We are so proud of these students for maintaining such a high level of academic achievement.  We also appreciate all of the hard work and effort shown by our students throughout the school year thus far, and sincerely hope to see another such large number of our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders striving to earn these academic honors during the 3rd and 4th Quarters.

Thank you to our Middle School Parent Association for sponsoring this special event.