High School Team Building – 2017

Check out our 2017 Team Building…

9th Grade Team Building Trip

Sky Zone in Roswell played host to our 9th-grade students for their annual team building trip. The 9th-grade students were enthusiastic about the opportunity to fly through the air while bouncing on trampolines all day.  The day began with trampoline warm-ups followed by a friendly dodgeball competition composed of 5 students per team. Students were then able to participate in basketball, the foam pit, and Jacob’s Ladder, as well as jousting and the half-pipe. They spent the morning cheering for each other, encouraging one another, and building relationships. Many students who were afraid of heights conquered their fears because of their team members’ encouragement. We hope all of the 9th-grade students enjoyed the day at Sky Zone!

10th Grade TB Trip

Treetop Quest provided the perfect backdrop for the Sophomore Team Building Trip this year. The weather was beautiful and the sophomores jumped right into their team activities. The students were divided into several groups. Some groups headed straight to the high ropes and zip line activities, while others worked on the ground to develop their communication skills.

The groups on the ground had to maneuver themselves into certain orders while blindfolded, work together to make it through obstacles, and strategize on how to transport objects across the complex. All of these activities required communication, leadership, and teamwork. As each group worked their way through the activities, they gained confidence and leaders emerged. The high ropes activities allowed for some free time, as well as an opportunity to overcome some hesitations about heights.

The students had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed their day at Treetop Quest. Overall, it was a perfect day and the Class of 2020 showed great teamwork, positive attitudes, and immense enthusiasm!

11th Grade Team Building Trip

This year, the 11th-grade students traveled to Lake Lanier in Buford, Georgia for their Team Building trip. Juniors were split into groups and worked together to learn and review the lake map. Groups headed to their boats and captains to begin their scavenger hunt around the lake. The teams were expected to locate as many answers to their clues using the map of the lake. Some students managed the compass, while others instructed the boat captain which direction to head. Many students helped map out their next clue.

Half way through their scavenger hunt, students made their way to the beach where they had lunch and got a quick break. Then, they headed back out onto the waters to finish out their quest. Students were faced with new challenges and had to work together to understand their map and maneuver across the lake. It was a beautiful day and overall the juniors enjoyed a great day outdoors with their classmates!

Senior TB Trip

On Thursday, August 17th the seniors traveled to Tennessee to ride the waves of the Oconee River.  It was a perfect day for rafting as 12 rafts set out down the river.  A few riders took some unexpected dives out of their boats, but all made it to the end of the river safe and sound!  This yearly trip is one that is always a favorite of our seniors and they look forward to the adventure every year.