Clubs & Activities

The Middle School program supplements its core educational offerings with the following Connections classes: Art, Advanced Art, Band, Basic Finance for Beginners, Chorus, Computer Applications, Decision Making, Digital Media and Design, Outdoor Studies, Physical Education, STEM.  Students also participate in a variety of experiential learning opportunities, field trips, guest speaker presentations, and the Annual 6th Grade Renaissance Festival.

Clubs, such as Art, Junior Beta Club, Coding, Debate, Drama/Improv, Literary Club, Peer Leading, SPARK, Robotics/Engineering, and Broadcasting, offer additional avenues for Middle School students to become more involved at school. We constantly strive to develop new and interesting extracurricular options designed to meet the interest of each year’s student body.

Saint Francis Middle School supports the development of the whole student, encouraging each child to participate in at least one activity or sport during the school year. A second homework hour (3:30 to 4:30 p.m.) is available after school for students to receive additional assistance in completing homework beyond the regular school hours.