…Thank you for providing such an excellent learning experience for our grandson, Jared.  It is quite rewarding to see him enjoy all aspects of school, especially the smile on his face each day….JBB




…I have all three of my kids at this school and they all are challenged to push themselves academically. You will not find a better, more supportive and nurturing Middle School administration anywhere and the High School is strictly business and takes no crap from the kids or their parents. This is an excellent school and my kids are blessed to be here with teachers who know them and who are dedicated to making sure they are learning and succeeding.




…This is our second year here and we are very pleased with the school. We transferred here from another private school in Atlanta that specializes in above average students only. My child needed more hands on help in reading yet he was accelerated in math. This school offers a tiered system of classes ( at least in the later elementary and middle school years). You can be in honors math yet on grade level for English and vice versa. They also have a support level for kids who need even more help. No one makes fun of which class you are in – as most students are not in all honors classes. The honors class did similar work to the other private school we used to attend – so it is comparable. They do not put up with discipline issues – using a point reward system for non uniform day rewards. The expectations are not unreasonable – in fact, compared to the other private school, St. Francis is a bit more relaxed. I am not sure how it compares to public school for behavior issues though. The school does discourage parents in the classrooms or reading the announcements as this is a distraction for some students. They have your child’s best interest in mind rather than appeasing the parents who would like to be there all the time. If your child needs a little extra support, this is a wonderful school.



…I’m finishing up my second semester at UNG and my English 1101 class made be realize how much you taught me last year. First off, I wish I kept one of those writing hand books, I never thought anything of them, but I would pay to get one back. It’s crazy how much your class last year resembles my class this semester. Two weeks ago I had to write a research paper and I chose to argue why recess should be a requirement in every school. That paper is probably one of the only pieces of writing I’ve ever been proud to turn in. What I’m getting at, is the ENTIRE time I was writing it, I kept remembering exactly how you showed us to cite certain things, how to properly “weave” in the quotes (I can’t exactly remember if it was you or Mrs. Walker that used that word, but it’s literally drilled into my brain), and so much more its insane. Without a doubt, 100% you were the one teacher that taught me something even when I obviously tried so hard to avoid your classroom.

I know you hear this all the time, but seriously, thank you.