Art Students Win State Awards

The 2019 Georgia High School Ceramic Art Awards and Symposium was held on Saturday, March 9 and Saint Francis students went home with some pretty big awards!

Awards were given for the best pieces in the show, honorable mentions, and a new award funded by Valdosta State University called the Jurors Choice Award. Awards were selected from over 1000 entries.

Congratulations to sophomore, Tyler McComb, for winning the Jurors Choice Award!

Senior, Sam Henn won an honorable mention for his piece.

Sophomore, Reese Doolittle, and seniors Riley Larkworthy, Bret Madden, Emma Motter, Seanthy Serfontein, Harrison Warner, and Griffin Weaver were also selected.

Every spring Savannah College of Art and Design holds a scholarship competition called the SCAD Challenge Open to Juniors and Seniors. Congratulations to senior, Annie Ingham, she won the top renewable scholarship awarded for her Photography piece named “David”.


CONGRATS to Saint Francis High School boys basketball team on defeating ELCA (73-69) and bringing the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP trophy home to Alpharetta! We are SO proud of all your hard work. 

Senior accepted into the award-winning Art Exhibit at the Dogwood Festival

Congratulations to senior Riley Larkworthy for having her ceramic piece Autumn Pathways accepted into the award-winning Atlanta High School Art Exhibit at the Dogwood Festival on April 12-14. 850 entries were submitted, and 149 pieces selected for the exhibit. Riley’s piece will also compete this weekend to be in a special exhibit of pieces to be chosen from the 149 for an exhibit at the Art Institute of Atlanta Gallery.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Congratulations to our award-winning art students, each year students compete in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. Students compete first by state or region and then nationally for awards.

This year’s results for our regional competition are in and we are SO very proud of our students.

Our SFHS Senior Class had a wide variety of awards.

Jack Gruskin won an honorable mention and silver key for his sculpture and ceramics.

Sam Henn won an honorable mention for his ceramics.

Annie Ingham won a gold key, four silver keys and an honorable mention for her digital art.

Riley Larkworthy won a gold key and a silver key for her sculpture and ceramics.

Adam Peters won an honorable mention for his photography.

Seanthy Serfontein won an honorable mention for her ceramics.

Zachary Shapiro won a silver key for his ceramics.

Griffin Weaver won an honorable mention for his ceramics.

Junior, Rachel Wolchock, won an honorable mention for her ceramics and an honorable mention for her sculpture.

Annie and Riley’s gold key pieces are competing at the national level and the results will be announced March 13th.

All students honored with Gold and Silver Key awards are invited to have their work featured in an exhibition at SCAD’s Pei Ling Chan Gallery in Savannah, Georgia, from March 2-9. The exhibition will conclude with an awards reception on Saturday, March 9.

Upcoming IDA Conference

We are excited to announce we will be a part of the 2019 International Dyslexia Association’s Dimensions of Dyslexia Annual Conference in Marietta, GA.

The Conference will focus on ‘Illuminating Literacy: Solutions for ALL’.

The conference will take place on March 16 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Wheeler High School.

Julie A. Washington, Ph.D. will speak on “The Role of Dialect in Reading Acquisition.”

Online registration  is open NOW and closes 3/13/2019.

Click here to learn more about the conference and read more about the speakers.

We invite Educators, Researchers, Physicians, Psychologists, Tutors, Speech-language Pathologists, Administrators, Parents, Persons with Dyslexia, and Advocates to joins us.

Private School Premiere

Atlanta’s most prestigious independent schools gathered at the Atlanta History Center Tuesday night for The Atlantan’s Private School Premiere. Saint Francis Schools were among the 15 plus schools participating from all over the metro Atlanta area. The Knights were well represented as Marc Weiss and Brandon Bryan spoke to potential parents about the mission of Saint Francis.







SFS Peer Leaders help the homeless

The Saint Francis Middle School once again collaborated with The Children’s Restoration Network to collect Holiday toys and gifts for homeless children in metro Atlanta. Here are some pictures of our Middle School Peer Leaders helping load a U-Haul packed full of toys, shoes, clothes, and gifts all donated by our awesome Saint Francis students and families.

Beta Club Inductions – Congratulations!

Newly Inducted: Maddie Arail, Lilli Benefield, Trice Cannon, Annalise Cefaratti, Chandler Davis, Lily Davis, Chase Ellis, Megan Fezza, Megan, Nicole Fleming, Jack Gerber, Josh gil, Lilah Groomns, Julianna hardie, Maggie Hayes, Jillian Holcomb, Jordan Isaacs, Andrea Jones, Hunter Jones, Michael Keehn, Annabel Keever, Rachel Marsh, Jessica Meyer, Allison Midendorf, Lauren Middendorf, Calum Ogle-Tyrell, Taylor Pace, Kennedi Philson, Chris Raj, Grey Schiwtz, Jai Smith, Samantha Stelling, Maddie Ulmer, Mackenzie Weatherford, Maggie Wehr, Maggie Wehr, Darron Willis, Rachel Wolchock.  Returning Members:  Chris Antonucci.

National Art Honor Society Induction – Congratulations!

National Art Honor Society Inductions

Newly Inducted: Jack Gruskin, Bret Madren, Emma Motter, Kayla Mulvey, Taylor Pace, Shelby Pincheon, Zach Shapiro, Grace Shelton, Garrett Smith, Maddie Ulmer, Chase Vineyard, Rachel Wolchok.  Returning Members:  Ali Arsin, Sam Henn, Graycen Horne, Riley Larkworht, Haley Marshall, Sophioe McCartbey, Seanthy Serfontein, Griffin Weaver.

National Honor Society Inductees – Congratulations!

National Honor Society New Inductees

Newly Inducted: Annalise Cefarattie, Chase Ellis, Jack Gerber, Andrea Jones, Hunter Jones, Annabel Keever, Jessica Meyer, Allison Middendorf, Sean Paradises, Kennedi Philson, Grey Schiwitz, Samantha Stelling, Maddie Ulmer.  Returning Members: Ali, Arasin, Will Clark, Grace Grider, Lindsey Kessler, Riley Larkworthy, Sophie McCartney, Grace Shelton, Josh Silverman.