Learning Support

Reading Support

Wilson Reading System® is a reading and writing curriculum designed to promote reading accuracy (decoding) and spelling (encoding) skills for students with word-level deficits. The program is designed to teach phonemic awareness, alphabetic principles (sound-symbol relationship), word study, spelling, sight word instruction, fluency, vocabulary, oral expressive language development, and comprehension.  Saint Francis Elementary School offers this program beginning in Grade 4.

Lindamood Bell is a system made up of different programs designed to improve reading skills by developing phonemic awareness and strengthening comprehension.  Saint Francis Elementary offers the V/V and LiPS® programs to students in whole class and small group instructional settings.  The V/V Program teaches students to create mental images while reading to improve comprehension, reasoning, and expressive language skills.  The LiPs Program addresses reading and spelling weaknesses by teaching students to become aware of and utilize the oral motor movements that become the sounds within words.  It promotes the ability to correctly say the words a student sees written on a page.  These supplemental programs are offered for students beginning in 2nd grade.

HOmework Hour

All students in the elementary program have a homework hour at the end of the school day, Mondays through Thursdays.  Students begin homework in a quiet, structured environment with teachers available should there be need for clarification or assistance.