Teaching Objectives

Saint Francis School’s overriding goal is to provide a program where students are challenged and supported.  Achievement of this goal requires tremendous commitment on the part of the teaching faculty, for each child is unique and can have different needs for different subjects or even within the different subskills of a singular subject.  Our task as educators is to address the needs and challenges while moving the student through a college preparatory curriculum.  The strategies we utilize to meet these objectives are as follows:

1.  To prEL whiteboard 1esent materials in a multi-modal fashion that recognizes students have  different levels of processing ability.

2.  To supplement presentations with supportive aides such as note cards, study guides, mapping charts, practice tapes, fact
practice sheets, etc. to allow students to get the most out of class presentations as well as providing maximum assistance for
home study.

3.  To present material in reasonable segments so that new concepts can be clearly understood and fully internalized.

4.  To assign reasonable amounts of homework in each area so that skills taught in school can be practiced at home.

5.  To build review and reinforcement into our teaching strategies so that students can better retain and internalize presented

6.  To follow the curriculum outlines as designated by the subject coordinators so that a sense of consistency is established on
each grade level and a sense of continuity is established from one grade level to the next.

7.  To recognize that development of appropriate thinking, reading and writing skills are our primary academic objectives
and are the responsibility of every staff member.

8.  To recognize that development of appropriate organizational and study skills are key elements to a successful academic
program and must be practiced in each and every classroom.