High School

Welcome to Saint Francis High School, Home of the Knights!

Principal: Colette Staak
Admissions: Brandon Bryan, bbryan@sfschools.net

Saint Francis High School is a small private nonsectarian school that provides an exceptional college preparatory education for grades 9th through 12th.  With over 300 students and 50 faculty members, we pride ourselves on offering one of the smallest teacher-to student-ratios in the Atlanta metro area.

Our mission is to provide a college preparatory program that is challenging, yet supportive for students with diverse academic abilities.  Throughout Saint Francis the development of strong organizational and study skills is an integral part of our learning and teaching philosophy.  To accommodate different ability levels within our student body, we offer rigorous Advanced Placement or Honors courses, Traditional courses and Support courses in each curriculum. Our graduates receive a College Prep Diploma, but for those students striving for a more challenging course load, we offer a College Prep with Distinction Diploma.

We recognize students have different styles of learning; therefore, we present and teach in a multi-modal fashion. Each teacher offers a Homework Hour at the end of the school day, where students are given the opportunity to clarify areas of concern, prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes, and begin that night’s homework.

Saint Francis is a member of the Georgia High School Association and competes in the “Single A” category for interscholastic sports and drama competitions.  We offer a wide range of athletic teams and are proud of the many region and state awards our teams have received.  In addition to each student participating in either a sport or a club each year, students are required to give back to the community by participating in a required number of service hours.

Upon graduation,Saint Francis High School students have experienced service to others, learned how to work together on a team or club and have developed the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in college.  To tour and learn more about our exceptional high school program, please call our admission’s office at 678-339-9989, extension 33.

Kind Regards,

Colette Staak
High School Principal