Program of Study

Many courses are offered on multiple levels. A parallel curriculum incorporating study skills and additional writing in the content areas prepare students for the rigors of college level work.  Students may be placed in different levels depending on the students’ strengths in various subject areas.

Advanced Placement courses are developed to give students greater depth and knowledge in specific subject areas.  Students develop study habits necessary for tackling rigorous course work while getting a head start on college level work.  High interest in learning and a higher level of responsibility and maturity are required of the AP students.  The curriculum follows the requirements and regulations designated by the College Board.

Honors courses are designed for the student who wants an advanced college preparatory curriculum.  Students are required to work more independently and at a higher level of aptitude and achievement.  A teacher recommendation is required.

Traditional courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want a college preparatory curriculum.  Students develop study skills that prepare them for the rigors of college courses and lifelong learning.

Support courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want a college preparatory curriculum but need reinforcement for success in specific subjects.  Students receive additional assistance in organization, written expression, comprehension, vocabulary and mathematical reasoning.  Additional support is provided by the Learning Lab support services.

Elongated courses are designed to give the student who needs additional time and instruction in a specific subject area that is typically more difficult for the student to master, as in Math.  Classes run for 3 semesters and are designated as support courses.  (Algebra IABC, Algebra IIABC).

Academic Evaluation: Numerical grades are used in the evaluation of student performance.  An interim academic report is available to parents every three weeks via RenWeb.  Achievement over a 9-week period is reported as a quarter grade based on the weighing of homework, quizzes and special reports/projects and tests for the respective course/program.  Quarter grades and an exam grade are averaged for a semester grade that is recorded on the student’s transcript.