Study Skills

Structure, organization and process are the hallmarks of the Saint Francis’ mission, which provides our students with the skills necessary to be successful in school.  Significant emphasis is placed on developing strong writing skills, good organizational habits and study techniques as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills.  The study skills curriculum parallels the core curriculum integrating the practice of skills with subject content.  Students learn to break material down into smaller increments that are more manageable for study and retention.

Note taking

Saint Francis students use a multi-modal approach to note taking. The Cornell Method of note taking is a system where students read the text, write main ideas and details in a listing method, and then review using recall questioning.   The techniques also help students increase their skimming and scanning skills and provide them with a ready-made study guide.


Different forms of writing are practiced in all subject areas, known as “writing across the curriculum.”  Students follow a very structured process of planning, writing, editing, and rewriting.  Middle School students receive intensive training in their writing classes that meet daily.

Assignment books

Students record homework assignments and maintain a calendar of upcoming quizzes, tests, and projects in a school issued assignment book.  Students with the assistance of their teachers practice good time management skills and work habits by learning to break down larger projects and assignments into more manageable pieces.

Trapper Keepers

Students use a trapper keeper and folder system to organize and maintain subject materials for future study and assessment. Students are able to spend more time studying for tests and midterms when less reorganization and preparation are needed.