Staff Honored for Years of Service

AdministrationCongratulations to these Faculty and Staff members who have reached special milestones in their “Years of Service” to Saint Francis.

Linda Crawford, Associate Headmaster and Ellen Brown, Admission Director each have been with Saint Francis for 30 years.  Linda began her career at SF as a Middle School teacher the same year Ellen began her career as an Elementary School teacher.

High School




Honoring High School Staff pictured left to right:  Glenn Ng, math teacher, and Stacy Gole, Foreign Language Department Coordinator, with 20 years of service, Brad Etter, Dean of Students and Ann Marie Gerber, English teacher with 15 years of service; and Karen Harrison, Dean of Students and Chuck Bailey, Science teacher with 10 years of Service.

(not pictured) Mary Samaritan with 15 years of service as the school nurse.


Middle School

Honoring Middle School Staff pictured left to right.  Roxanne Jones, receptionist with 15 years of service, and Rita Roberts with 25 years.  Rita started as a 2nd grade teacher, was Elementary Principal and now serves as MS Curriculum Coordinator.  Lee Ann Altman was a Science teacher and now Dean of Students has served 15 years.  Christine Hahn, teacher have also served 15 years.








Honoring Elementary School StaffMaureen Collins, teacher and Catherine Calomeni, Administrative Assistant, each with 15 years of service.  (Not pictured: Phyllis Odom, Business Office, 15 years of service. Jeff Whitehurst, unintentionally left out last year, 20 years of service.